On my

Devora Benchimol

I am Rabanit and life coach with over 30 years of experience in dealing with people to improve their quality of life through different resources. I am the creator of Jewgal, a method of mindfulness in 4 steps gives you a pouch of resources so that you can fend for yourself in the long term and come out ahead.

I tell you a little bit of me

I studied and practiced different body techniques for more than 40 years. I started with dance moderna and body expression, then dabbled in Tai chi, Feldenkrais, dance therapy and other more. I also have a strong background in judaism, learned in Yeshivot in New York and Argentina.

Years ago, I created Jewgal to connect my body and my soul through meditation and "mindfulness", based on the Kabbalah and the movement. I later had the opportunity of studying coaching oriented in the Torah, being able to integrate it into the meditations and the movements of the body that was already underway. Often I suggest to Bach Flowers. My approach is unorthodox and custom.

Many years ago, I am a coach and a while ago that I decided to focus my strength to the families or individuals that pass through some kind of major change in their lives as immigration, divorce, illness, etc, I myself have experienced many changes of country and cities. I've had to reinvent my furniture, my friends, my family and my job. Not always my changes were sought or desired. If today thank you for everything that has happened to me because I got to be who I am, in the moments that passed, there were all kinds of feelings. I didn't put the word choice, as I came to understand that even those changes that one believes that you do not choose, I realized that the life he chooses by one, when one does not have the clarity to choose from. I realized that one has to be where it should be.

In these times of change and desperation, I cried like a child, and I have felt alone. All of that is acceptable, but one decides when to cry and how much. When I came to live in the USA, -a giant country that scares - at the beginning not wanted to come; I had to do it. I was angry, because I was happy in my previous place and it was only a year and a half that I had come to that country. I came to the USA without being a nobody, be a driver of my children. He had never done: having to get up in the morning, with no one to help me. Take them to school, then come back, cook and clean. I was really angry. But one day, in those trips of highway endless, I cried a lot. I grabbed deposit of the steering wheel and I said to myself: "USA, I'm going to conquer. I'm not going to let me win." There began my journey of growth. To become what today, I want to be. That's already passed 13 years ago and, in that way, there were other migrations and changes very strong. Now here I am a mature, happy and ready to help and support to those who need it. Strengthened to share my life experiences and my growth.

My last change, and the most difficult was THE DEATH OF MY SON, and I decided at that moment to help anyone who has gone through a similar trauma, using the techniques of TAPPING, MINDFULNES , RESILIENCE, AND SPEECH therapy.

I'm changing permanently

Can we change it?