Fear of Jewish Identity


Devora Benchimol

Fear of Jewish Identity

A few weeks ago, when I first shared the film I made about my son’s death: “SHOLEM Soul Goal”, I realized why it had taken so long to complete it. Hashem, in his infinite wisdom, determines perfect moments, and in this era marked by anti-Semitism, talking about Jewish identity becomes a profound and necessary act of empowerment.

I ended the film with the powerful words “Be proud to be Jewish,” and sent it to a friend of Sholem z”l who is studying in Boston. Her comments resonated deeply: “Today, many women are afraid to show our Judaism in college, and this film is like an injection of strength, an act of empowerment of our Jewish identity.”

A few days later, when I placed the new film sticker on my car with the inscription “Be proud… to be Jews,” I had a momentary hesitation. An almost forgotten fear arose: “could someone damage my vehicle for showing my Jewish identity? “Despite the doubt, I decided to stick it , remembering the encouraging words of the young woman from Boston. I questioned the reason for my hesitation, and the answer was clear. I remembered the difficult times during the military period in Argentina, when being Jewish also represented a risk.

Back then, the bravery of youth drove me; Nothing could stop me, but October 7th awakened a series of emotions, many. But there is one in particular that I don’t want to grow: the fear of having to hide my true identity.

I made this film with that purpose, to empower us: and its release at this time was no coincidence. The message is direct and clear: “Be proud to be Jewish.”
Am Israel jai.

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  1. En estos difíciles tiempos en que el mundo se atreve a juzgarnos ,a criticarnos despiadadamente sin siquiera pensar en que lo que vivimos es gracias a las monstruosidades cometidas por Hamas ese 07 de Octubre y por qué no decirlo ,apoyados y ayudados por Palestinos y Árabes a los que muchos considerabamos amigos .
    Es en estos momentos cuando más me siento orgullosa de ser judía , orgullosa de mis raíces y orgullosa de la valentía de nuestro ejército.Am Israel Jai.
    No nos vencerá. La maldad y la barbarie.Hashem cuidara de su pueblo.🙏

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